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PVC is a manufactured thermoplastic product, Poly Vinyl Chloride. eurosash windows use the PVC-U variety of PVC, the ‘U’ being Unplasticised, which simply means that it contains none of the plasticiser that makes materials such as cling film.

Recycle & Disposal.

Recycling of PVC is a relatively straightforward process. The presence of the chlorine molecule is an aid to PVC being identified and separated from other plastics. Some window profiles are now coming with the core being made from recycled PVC, with all external faces being new ‘virgin’ PVC.

All of our PVC-U waste is sent for recycling and is usedfor various things like PVC garden furniture.

Energy efficiency

We’re always pushing the boundaries at Eurosash. What others claim that can’t be done, we can do. Our EUROSASH Superior is the first PVC-U sliding sash window in UK and Ireland that achieves 1.0 U-value and an A++ Window Energy Rating. Energy efficient EUROSASH windows will help to conserve heat in your home while keeping the cold and rain outside. Less draughts, reduced energy bills, reduced condensation and a lighter carbon footprint.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?


The EU definition of sustainability is “by doing what we’re doing now, we don’t damage our future ability to do the same” So one of the most important questions we can ask is – Can we produce PVC indefinitely? The answer is YES. PVC is made of the essential raw materials salt & oil. The earth’s salt stocks are immense and it’s unimaginable that they would ever be depleted. As for oil (a fossil fuel) the ethylene obtained from oil could easily come from ethanol, which can be produced from organic material. In fact in India studies have already shown that PVC can be produced from the fermentation of sugar and ethylene from vegetable oil.

So the future's looking bright for PVC!


  • PVC-U windows reduce heat loss therefore the building requires less heating so emissions are reduced
  • PVC reduces the need to cut down trees
  • PVC does not need to be painted, so doesn’t consume materials or generate waste
  • PVC-U windows are recycled into window profiles
  • PVC is a durable product


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