Q What bar options are available for triple glazing?
A Clear Glass or Single Astragal Bar. Full Astragal Grid or Internal Georgian Bar NOT available

Q Can you have mechanical joints with standard add on horns?
A No

eurosash recommendations

  • We recommend any windows over 1300mm wide no tilt
  • We recommend any windows over 2200mm high no tilt
  • Any windows below 400mm wide no tilt
  • Any windows below 800mm high no tilt
  • For all size limitations please speak to one of our eurosash representatives
  • Minimum window size for fire escape windows (without the use of hinges) 900 x 1300, this will give you an opening of 450mm in any direction and a square meterage of 0.33sq m². We can also achieve this opening with a window at 900 x 1200 by shortening the sash stop. These meet current regulations as of 2007