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euro sash


Don’t just think sash, think EUROSASH

When it comes to choosing windows for your home EUROSASH PVC‐U Vertical Sliding Sash brings you charm that matches performance. A market leader in its field the EUROSASH product has been fulfilling the needs of homeowners since 1995.
The windows are specifically designed to suit your requirements and provide all the character of wooden sash windows without any of the maintenance issues.

EUROSASH windows use advanced technology which works in harmony with traditional design to provide an authentic looking window with all the benefits from high performance modern materials.

The Eurosash Specification




Double glazed band C rated

Double glazed band A rated

Low-E U-value 1.2 Argon gas filled with warm-edge spacer

Triple glazed U-value 1.3

Triple glazed U-value 1.2

Triple glazed U-value 1.0

Woolpile infill strip

Internal glazing

12-part sealing system

Colour-coded woolpile & spiral balance covers

Gold furniture suite

Decorative horns

Run through sash horns

Tilt facility on both sashes

Ovolo detail to frames, cill, sash and bead

Welded joints

Mechanical joints

CE marked

Weather bar

Traditional furniture

Trickle vents

Child restrictors

Fly screen

Fire escape

Remote-controlled opening

BS7950 High security furniture


Run Through Sash HornsEUROSASH windows have an optional run through sash horn which is designed to provide a more authentic appearance as an alternative to the standard clip on decorative horn.

  • Slimmer sightlines
  • Mechanical bottom rail
  • Traditional appearance
  • Available in all our colour options with matching end caps


Reassuringly secure

Our Eurosash Secure window was the first sliding sash in Ireland to achieve the rigorous standards of the British Standard Enhanced Security test (BS 7950 – Revision 3, 2007). Eurosash Secure windows are designed, and proven, to be capable of withstanding attempts to force unauthorised entry. Our windows include:

  • Heavy-duty cam locks and keeps
  • Durable nylon polymer sash blocks
  • Steel reinforcement pins.

Eurosash White Window

Reassuringly safe

Because you can’t be too careful where young lives are concerned, we can fit child safety restrictors to our windows. These effectively limit the opening sash to less than 100 mm. Perfect for ventilation, but safe too.

When you need to open the windows wider, simply disengage the restrictors. Different options allow restriction of both top and bottom sashes, or bottom sashes only.


A standard for eurosash our Cream Grained Vertical Sliding Sash window is now available on a cream base. The eurosash window was originally foiled on a white base resulting in a ‘little bit of white’ being visible inside the balance chamber of the outer frame.


The new snap in 15mm drip trim is now available for underneath the cill section. The drip trim is designed to cover the up stand of your concrete cill and will also provide an additional seal to ensure water tightness.

This trim is available in all our colours White, Cream Grain, White Grain, Black Grain, Light Oak, Rosewood and Grey!